Peevski and Karadayi from MRF give up their seats in European Parliament

Delyan Peevski from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms party (MRF) will not take up the seat he won in Bulgaria’s May 26 European Parliament elections. Peevski was number two in the party’s candidate list after the leader of the MRF, Mustafa Karadayi, who will also not take up his seat in the EP.

On May 29, Peevski appeared in Parliament, where he registered as present for the day’s sitting. This was a surprise, because it was the second time that Peevski had come to this Parliament. His previous appearance was to take the oath as MP.

Peevski told media that he gave up the seat he won as MEP and that he would remain a member of Bulgaria’s Parliament. He says he will be more useful in Bulgaria than outside the country.

He rejected allegations that ALDE, the EU-wide alliance of liberal parties, had had objections to his candidacy for the European Parliament.

MRF leader Karadayi confirmed his earlier statement that he himself will not take up his European Parliament seat.